I started writing plays because my professor during my undergraduate degree gave me Blasted by Sarah Kane. I'm sure this isn't a completely unique experience, but because I was in a small town in Pennsylvania, this play and this idea of contemporary stories for the stage was alien.

I've got an obsessive personality and I quickly started researching more about Blasted and other things like it. The way I found more plays that spoke to me and got me intellectually erect was two ways; through googling Methuen Drama and looking for new plays from The Royal Court.

I would order them from London and get them shipped to State College, Pennsylvania binging on them like I would on other things I loved (Bell's White Pizza's with green peppers and feta, farfalle pasta and brownies with ice cream). As I started to focus more on writing plays, my dream became to be published by Methuen Drama one day.

One day turned into today, and I'm so excited to share that they will be publishing my new play Mumburger.

I hope I can offer and contribute a binge play reading session to someone else somewhere with my play. It's a real honour to be here and I guess it's not a coincidence that it's got food in the title.