Hot Dog USA Premiere Round Up

Here are some highlights. 

Miami Herald

  • Hot Dog is an imaginative take on a situation that resonates disturbingly in our aging-averse culture.
  • Thinking Cap Theatre offers plenty to ponder in Sarah Kosar’s Hot Dog.
  • Sarah Kosar’s Hot Dog is a dark comedy that clearly fits the company’s mission.
  • Under Stodard’s direction, the actors illuminate the realities and complexities of care giving, here taken to extremes in Kosar’s toxic setup.

The Sun News Miami

  • [Hot Dog] is a truly fine production that deserves to be widely seen. 
  • As the name of the production company suggests, you need to put your "thinking cap" on to come to grips with this disturbing and provocative play. 

Around Town Newspaper

  • Hot Dog, a tart and quirky black (well, dark brown) comedy from London of the type so beloved by the Brits – iconoclastic, freewheeling, eccentric. 
  • Hot Dog was penned by a young American ex-patriate with what looks like an important future ahead of her. 
  • Playwright Sarah Kosar doesn’t fool around. We are immediately privy to conversation about … poo. A perfectly sensible tete-a-tete, only one of the “tetes” is a human being in the guise of a dog. Kosar gets you by the lapels.
  •  Is it supposed to be a dog acting doglike or a human pretending to be a dog? The genius of the play is that the answer is left to the audience.

Miami Art Zine 

  • Hot Dog featured as 'one of the top two theatre picks to see in South Florida.