Hot Dog

"It was shit, so I shit in it."

Maryanne, a long-suffering daughter fed up with caring for her very demanding, elderly mother, who's literally become "the Dog" next door. Desperate for a new leash on life, Maryanne recruits her sister, Carol, to return home and take over. What ensues is a funny, disturbing, and thought provoking exploration of family dynamics and what it means to give and receive care.


  • Thinking Cap Theatre Guest Resident at Nova Southeastern University, 16 May - 1 June 2014

  • Black Box Theatre, Don Taft University Center, 3301 College Avenue, Davie, FL 33314

Hot Dog is published by Playdead Press and available for purchase on Amazon


The Dog Sally Bondi
Maryanne Niki Fridh
Carol Ann Marie Olson
Michael Mark Duncan


Stage Management Carey Brianna Hart

Production Management Chas Collins

Lighting Design Dan Gelbmann

Assistant Lighting Design Calypso Hernandez

Scenic Design Chas Collins

Projection Design Cat Del Buono

Sound Design David Hart & Nicole Stodard

Costume & Properties Chas Collins & Nicole Stodard

Light Board Operation Desiree Mora

Projection Board Operation AJ Calaluca

Sound Board Operation Andy Gilbert

Run Crew Toby Barton & Mariah Busk

House Management Desiree Mora

Box Office Amy London & Elizabeth Thomas

Photography Elizabeth Thomas

Cover Art Donna Sanna


Founded in 2010, Thinking Cap Theatre (TCT) is a non-profit, Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company devoted to presenting experimental, provocative, and socially-conscious plays.  TCT is also committed to presenting works that depict a range of identities more reflective of today's society; to dismantling norms and stereotypes through non-reactionary, honest means; and to freshly presenting both well-known and rarely-staged classical plays. 


Miami Herald

  • Hot Dog is an imaginative take on a situation that resonates disturbingly in our aging-averse culture.

  • Thinking Cap Theatre offers plenty to ponder in Sarah Kosar’s Hot Dog.

  • Sarah Kosar’s Hot Dog is a dark comedy that clearly fits the company’s mission.

  • Under Stodard’s direction, the actors illuminate the realities and complexities of care giving, here taken to extremes in Kosar’s toxic setup.

The Sun News Miami

  • [Hot Dog] is a truly fine production that deserves to be widely seen. 

  • As the name of the production company suggests, you need to put your "thinking cap" on to come to grips with this disturbing and provocative play. 

Around Town Newspaper

  • Hot Dog, a tart and quirky black (well, dark brown) comedy from London of the type so beloved by the Brits – iconoclastic, freewheeling, eccentric. 

  • Hot Dog was penned by a young American ex-patriate with what looks like an important future ahead of her. 

  • Playwright Sarah Kosar doesn’t fool around. We are immediately privy to conversation about … poo. A perfectly sensible tete-a-tete, only one of the “tetes” is a human being in the guise of a dog. Kosar gets you by the lapels.

  •  Is it supposed to be a dog acting doglike or a human pretending to be a dog? The genius of the play is that the answer is left to the audience.

Miami Art Zine

  • Hot Dog featured as 'one of the top two theatre picks to see in South Florida.

Interview with Thinking Cap Theatre on Hot Dog